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Malvasia I.G.T. white D'Avalos 0.75 cl

Malvasia I.G.T. white D'Avalos 0.75 cl


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Malvasia I.G.T. white D'Avalos 0.75 cl

Vintage: 2019

Alcoholic content: 12.50%

Grape variety: Malvasia

Vineyard training type and average density per hectare: Espalier with about 3,500 plants.

Age of the vineyards: 15-20 years

Production per Ha: 7 - 8 Ton

Altitude of the vineyards: 400 - 450 meters

Production area: North-eastern part of the Basilicata region.

Harvest period: End of September beginning of October.

Harvest method: Selection of the grapes, harvested by hand, in boxes of 12 - 15 Kg. In the early hours of the morning and immediate transport of the same to the cellar.

Vinification: Crushing, destemming and immediate pressing of the grapes, fermentation of the must in French oak vats at a controlled temperature from 15 ° to 18 ° C.

Packaging and Bottling: Green AG Bordeaux type bottle,

Organoleptic characteristics and technical comment: The optimal ripeness of the grapes together with their excellent health and careful vinification have contributed to the production of an elegant quality wine. It has a light straw yellow color, a fruity bouquet with some spicy, fresh, intense and persistent notes, capable of expressing our volcanic Terroir at its best.

Food pairing and serving temperature: Ideal on seafood dishes, risottos, peasant soups, white meats and fresh cheeses. It should be served at 10 ° - 12 ° C.

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